Wednesday Division A


Wednesday Division B

     PPD-Beth Whitelavitch-18.61

     MPR-Beth Whitelavitch-1.87

     Wins-Beth Whitelavitch-4

Wednesday Division C

     PPD-Ruthie Graff-19.36

     MPR-Ruthie Graff-1.81

     Wins-Ruthie Graff-13

Wednesday Division D

     PPD-Trey Valvano-16.65

     MPR-Shannon Lentz-1.78

     Wins-Trey Valvano-7

Wednesday Division E

     PPD-Jen Benson-16.00

​     MPR-Jen Benson-1.65

​     Wins-Lauren Higgins-20

Tuesday UpValley

​     PPD-Jessica Voglino-15.94

​     MPR-Jessica Voglino-1.56

​     Wins-Courtney Ciesielski-30


Wednesday Division A

     PPD-Ryan Ogden-30.56

     MPR-Ryan Ogden-3.37

     Wins-Ryan Ogden-54

              Vince Burgio-54

Wednesday Division B

     PPD-Dave Ciabocchi-25.63

     MPR-Eric Ashman-2.63

     Wins-Mike Failing-31

Wednesday Division C

     PPD-Brian Evans-29.53

     MPR-Brian Evans-3.03

     Wins-Brian Evans-56

Wednesday Division D

     PPD-Chris Smith-21.23

     MPR-Chris Smith-2.23

     Wins-Chris Smith-39

Wednesday Division E

     PPD-Zeb Zator-18.27

     MPR-Jim Kenny-1.93

     Wins-Zeb Zator-34

Tuesday UpValley

​     PPD-Corey Dulski-19.77

     MPR-Rich Knict-2.31

​     Wins-Bobby Kimmel-58

Winter 2018 Awards



​​Wednesday Division A                         1st Place-Projectile Dysfunction-$300

     2nd Place-VFW Flats-$200

     3rd Place-Beers Before Bullseyes-$100

​     Playoff Winner-VFW Flats-$300

Wednesday Division B

        ​1st Place-Schooners Tilt-$300

      2nd Place-Bearded Bullshitters-$200

​      3rd Place-Stonehouse-$100

      Playoff Winner-Stonehouse-$300

 Wednesday Division C

     1st Place-Hate Darts-$300

     2nd Place-Ebony and Ivory-$200

     3rd Place-Fugga U Crazy-$100

     Playoff Winner-Slicks and Chicks-$300

Wednesday Division D

     1st Place-3 Guys and A Bitch-$300

     2nd Place-Nice Terd-$200

     3rd Place-OSY-$100

     Playoff Winner-Nice Terd-$300

Wednesday Division E

     1st Place-Moonshiners-$300

     2nd Place-4 Of A Kind-$200

     3rd Place-Zeroes Heroes-$100

     Playoff Winner-Just Cuz-$300

​​Tuesday UpValley

​     1st Place-Drunken Darters-$300


     3rd Place-Oops I Darted-$100

     Playoff Winner-Drunken Darters-$300