Fall 2017 Awards

UpValley A

      1st Place-Raging Bullseyes-$300

     2nd Place-Bullshooters-$200

     3rd Place-Bullhunters-$100

​     Playoff Winner-Bullhunters-$300

UpValley B

     1st Place-Oops I Darted-$300

     2nd Place-Lucky Charms-$200

     3rd Place-GFY-$100

​     Playoff Winner-Oops I Darted-$300

Mid Valley A

     1st Place-Beers Before Bullseyes-$300

     2nd Place-Sure Shots-$200

     3rd Place-VFW FLATS-$100

     Playoff Winner-Sure Shots-$300

MidValley B

     1st Place-Hammered Heads-$300

     2nd Place-Slapshots-$200

     3rd Place-Just The Tips-$100

     Playoff Winner-Hammered Heads-$300

MidValley C

     1st Place-Hate Darts-$300

     2nd Place-Nice Terd-$200

     3rd Place-Bruisers-$100

     Playoff Winner-Hate Darts-$300

MidValley D

     1st Place-Zereos Heroes-$300

     2nd-Place-Make Darts Gr8 Again-$200

     3rd Place-Dark Flights-$100

     Playoff Winner-Make Darts Gr8 Again-$300

Scranton A

     1st Place-This Taint Right-$300

     2nd Place-Naggers-$200

     3rd Place-Collectors-$100

     Playoff Winner-This Taint Right-$300

Scranton B

     1st Place-Fucktoots-$300

     2nd Place-3 Guys and a Bitch-$200

     3rd Place-OSY-$100

     Playoff Winner-Fucktoots-$300



UpValley A

     PPD-Sharon Llewellyn-17.56

     MPR-Sharon Llewellyn-1.60

     Wins-Sharon Llewellyn-4

UpValley B

     PPD-Jessica Voglino-15.21

     MPR-Barb Swartz-1.45

     Wins-Jessica Voglino-16

MidValley B

     PPD-Mandy Masker-21.64

     MPR-Mandy Masker-2.03

     Wins-Mandy Masker-21

MidValley C

     PPD-Rachel Addley-16.38

     MPR-Amanda Cirba-1.81

     Wins-Rachel Addley-10

              Alicia Novajosky-10

MidValley D

     PPD-Maggie Bernosky-15.30

​     MPR-Maggie Bernosky-1.66

​     Wins-Casey Pearce-25

Scranton A

​     PPD-Debbie Panek-15.65

​     MPR-Debbie Panek-1.57

     Wins-Debbie Panek-2

Scranton B

​     PPD-Shannon Lentz-15.06

​     MPR-Shannon Lentz-1.62

​     Wins-Shannon Lentz-15

              Sheila Grady-15

UpValley Division A

     PPD-Shawn Borosky 26.57

     MPR-Ethan Calafut 2.90

     Wins-Ethan Calafut 41

UpValley Division B

     PPD-Bobby Kimmel 19.21

     MPR-Jeff Ryan 2.03

     Wins-Bobby Kimmel-48

MidValley Division A

     PPD-Vince Burgio 29.52

     MPR-Vince Burgio 3.28

     Wins-Vince Burgio 42

MidValley Division B

     PPD-Jamie Rowe Jr. 27.23

     MPR-Jamie Rowe Jr. 2.85

     Wins-Jamie Rowe Jr. 52

MidValley Division C

     PPD-Jerry DeFazio 20.23

     MPR-Jerry DeFazio 2.42

     Wins-Jerry DeFazio 44

MidValley Division D

     PPD-Brian Alvaro 19.23

     MPR-Brian Alvaro 2.17

     Wins-Brian Alvaro 44

Scranton Division A

     PPD-Ed Dunn 31.20

     MPR-Ed Dunn 3.30

              Ryan Ogden 3.30

     Wins-Ed Dunn 51

Scranton Division B

     PPD-Chris Smith 20.60

     MPR-Chris Smith 2.09

     Wins-Chris Smith 42