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Darts/Dart Board Setup
1. Players may use their own darts, as long as they are unaltered factory issued darts and tips, and
do not exceed 8 inches in length, and do not exceed 18 grams in weight. Spinners are legal to use.
If a player does not have their own darts, bar darts will be supplied by each league location.
2. All locations shall have a clearly marked foul line positioned 96 inches (8 feet) from the face of
the dartboard. Players must throw with their feet behind the front of the foul line. This means they
may step on the line, but no portion of their foot shall extend over the front of the line. Players are
allowed to lean across the foul line, as long as the trail foot does not touch the floor in front of the
foul line before the dart makes contact with the board.
Game Formats
Mid Valley, Scranton & Up Valley (Except Div A) - Teams will play 10 games of 301,
open in/open out, 2 games of Cricket 200, and 1 team game of 701, open in/double out.
Cross Valley & Up Valley A Division – Teams will play 8 games of 501 open in / open out,
4 games of Cricket 200, and 1 game of 701 open in / double out.
League statistics will be kept for all 301, 501, and Cricket games.
Match Structure
1. Total Number of games played per match is 13games. Each game is awarded one win. Total
number of wins for the season will then be used to determine the playoff setup. All teams in
each respective division make the playoffs.
Playoff structure is bracket based. (1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7 and so on…. )
Playoff games will be played in the same format as league games. First team to win 7 games
Dart Rules Revised.docx
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will be declared the winner of the match. All 13 games need not be played. There are no dues
required for playoffs. Teams will pay for games only.
4. Game time is 8 P.M. with 1/2 hour grace period. If a team fails to show up within the 1/2
hour grace period, and has not contacted the opposing captain, that team will forfeit the
games. Please attempt to be earlier than 8PM. if possible so your match can start on time.
If a team cannot play on scheduled night for a valid reason, (simply not having all your
players show up is not a valid reason) both team Captains must reschedule the match.
Reschedules must be made at least 24 hours prior to the match. Both Captain must agree on
the all rescheduled games, and the League Director must be notified. In cases of inclement
weather, games must be rescheduled. All games must be played
NOTE: Opposing captains are encouraged to consider all conditions and exercise fairness
when dealing with each other in these situations. This is a fun league and the most important
point is to play the match as scheduled or rescheduled and have a good time doing it.
First, second and third place teams will receive monetary awards for each division. League
and Division Champions will receive monetary awards. Individual awards will be awarded
for most games won, highest SPRE and highest PPD Average. To be eligible for an
individual award, a player must have participated in 75% of total games scheduled. All
awards will be handed out at the league ending banquet or clambake.
League Dues/Fees
1. Team members pay $20.00 ($5 per person) dues each per week, plus the cost of the games.
Any team or player three weeks behind in dues including “Forfeit Dues” will not be allowed
to play any other matches until THE AMOUNT OWED TO THE LEAGUE IS PAYED. If
the team does not pay the amount owed after the 3 weeks’ time the team can be fined or
eliminated from the league.
2. For playoffs, dues are not collected and individual statistics are not counted. Players are
responsible for the cost of games only.
3. Teams are also responsible for total team money regardless of how many players show up.
Substitutes do not pay dues. The regular player must pay dues when someone subs for him /
her. If a team fails to show up within the 1/2 hour grace period, that team will
forfeit. The
teams will then receive the stats of the highest win/loss ratio for that week in their division.
Example: If Team A forfeits against Team B, and that week the highest win/loss ratio
is 10-3 then the team that forfeited(Team A) will get 3 wins and 10 losses and the team
that showed up(Team B) will get 10 wins and 3 losses.
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Team players are responsible for placing dues in the dart machine before each league match.
The board will not allow the games to start without the proper dues.
Team Setup/Subs
1. Teams will consist of 4 players. Each player will participate in the number of games each
week as called for by the official league schedule. Machine decides which players will
compete and player order in all games. The Pennsylvania Coin L.L.C. League Format is:
2. When a team roster is submitted it must include First Name, Last Name and a Nickname if
wanted. Also your roster must include any subs you may think you might need throughout
the season.
Any two or more pros, former pros, or pro-status players (example of pro status: anyone with 84.0
or higher points per round average)
cannot shoot on the same team. The highest averages will be
taken from the league and team of which the player shot on the previous season. Also, no
subs with the above status can be used on a team that already has one shooter of that status.
However, should a player acquire this status DURING the season, they will be permitted to
finish the season on that team. *This does not pertain to the Cross-Valley & Up Valley
Div A Leagues*
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Substitute Players
he event of absent team players, a substitute player may be used. A substitute player may not be a
ular team member on any other team. Subs may have played or substituted for other teams. However,
re are specific eligibility rules for the use of subs in playoffs
(see rules below). A sub must finish all
mes played that night when subbing for a regular team member. If the regular team player shows up
, after the sub has started their first game, they will not be allowed to shoot that night. Games may
o be played without a missing player, the vacant spot being manually passed and the total opening
re showing throughout the game.
b names should be submitted before the beginning of the season. If a sub has not been submitted, the
ague Director or Committee Member must be contacted within 24 hours before the match to make
e the sub will be eligible to shoot.
b Names are also required (if entered via the dart board) to have First and Last Name.
that does not use First/Last Name will have their wins forfeited (if they have any) and their
ts and games played will also not count for any playoff games they may need to play in.
3a. If a sub is needed at the time of play and the captains agree to the sub, it is on the
captain, regardless of sub’s stats that night.
Please Note: All names entered via the dart board after agreement needs to follow
Rule 3 Above
mistake is made imputing the player's name and the opposing team Captain is notified prior to that
yer shooting, there is no forfeit, however, the League Director or committee member must be
sequently notified, so that any correction can be applied.
itive player identification is REQUIRED when questionable by either Team Captain. Positive
ntification is by Driver’s License or other ID.
Player is caught playing under an incorrect name, the team will forfeit all games of the match.
ying under an incorrect name means anything other than your FIRST and LAST NAME.
or any reason a visiting team regular player is banned, or forbidden entrance to the home location,
Dart Rules Revised.docx
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banned player must call the bar and ask permission to enter the bar. If denied, a substitute player
y be used.
(Please follow above sub rules)
7a. If agreed on by the two team captains and the home bar owner, a neutral location
may be arranged.
7b. A banned player must be a regular on the team. Subs are not included in this rule.
The games must be played at the site agreed by both Team Captains; as long as the
machine is placed at a tavern which Pennsylvania Coin L.L.C. can collect statistics. If
neutral site cannot be agreed on, and both Team Captains still want a reschedule, the
League Director will reschedule the match. The league office must be notified in
advance so arrangements to collect the results of the match can be made.
Scoring, Machine Errors, & Player Errors
1. THE DART MACHINE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. A dart that sticks in the board, but does not
score, may NOT be manually scored and the “Switch Player” button must be pressed before
attempting to remove any darts for the board. Conversely, a dart that scores but does not stick in the
board, counts. If the machine isn't operating correctly, the two team captains will decide whether to
play, call for service, or make up the game.
The ONLY exception to this rule is the last dart / winning dart.
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Example: If a player needs a 20 to win and the dart sticks in the 20 but doesn't score, the
player will be credited with the win.
NOTE: If the winning dart registers as a miss or different number, BOTH captains must look
at the darts and back the board/game up to award the correct points.
b. Any dart thrown, counts as a throw, whether or not it registers on the machine. A player
may not throw any darts over again. A thrown dart counts if it misses the board completely.
If a dart is thrown before the "Throw Darts" message, the dart counts as a thrown dart and
will not count. It may not be thrown again. Accidentally dropped darts may be thrown again,
but flubbed darts may not.
c. Any dart that sticks but does not score may not be manually scored. The machine should
be advanced to the next player prior to touching the darts. If a player intentionally or
unintentionally touches the dart and it scores, that player and their partner will lose their next
turn. If a player scores points when pulling their darts and the machine credits you for a win,
you lose that game and must notify the League Director of the loss.
1. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH PLAYER to insure the machine is displaying that
player's number prior to throwing any darts. It is the discretion of both team captains whether or
not to reverse the turn or not. This may occur when:
1. A player throws when the machine displays an opponent’s number when its actually
the players turn.
A player throws out of turn.
3. A player throws when it’s their partners turn.
4. A player throws before the machine switched to the players number.
Freeze-Out Rule
1. Freeze-rule applies to all "01" games. The freeze rule means when your score reaches zero, your
partners remaining score must not be any higher than the combined score of the opposing team.
You can win on a tie. Also, you can pass any darts at any time or throw your darts for that round as
long as you do not take the game out. If you take the game out while you are frozen, your team
loses that game.
Freeze Rule Example:
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Karen Jack Bob Carol
Dart Rules Revised.docx
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20 20 100 20
1. Player #1 Karen, is Frozen because her partner Bob remaining score (100) is greater than the
combined score of opposing team, Jack and Carol (40).
2. Player #1 Karen can throw her darts for that round as long as she does not take the game out.
She can also pass any darts she wishes.
General Rules
1. Abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship, or unethical conduct will not be tolerated and is
grounds for forfeiture of a game, a match, or expulsion from the league.
2. If a match resets due to power failure or other reasons beyond player control, the game will be
started over (replayed from the start).
3. Any machine resets, tilts, or malfunctions due to intentional or non-intentional player action shall
result in the loss of a game for the team committing the action. Non-intentional means if you hit,
kick, etc.. the machine and it resets or malfunctions, you lose whether you intended it or not.
4. No kibitzing (interfering or giving unwanted advice) or harassment from players or spectators
will be tolerated.
5. If any physical violence and the player and/or team will be expelled from the league and forfeit
all points and monies paid.
6. Bars will not charge a cover charge to dart players. Bars are not required to provide food during
league play
7. Penalties for rule violations will be decided by the League Director.
8. Protests, rules violations, and Problems with anything not addressed in these rules will be decided
by appointed Players Committee. Team Captains and League Members should contact the League
Director for any of these problems.
9. All decisions of the League Director are FINAL.
Dart Rules Revised.docx
file:///C|/Users/Pennsylvania%20Coin/Documents/Dart%20Rules%20Revised%20(Jesse).htm[10/19/2014 10:31:28 AM]
have been used for these rules. PENNSYLVANIA COIN L.L.C. DART LEAGUE RULES
supersede NDA rules where similar issues are addressed that are unique to this league.
These rules are the result of multiple seasons of problems occurring and solutions provided.
Inevitably, situations will arise with no clear answer. Those situations will be dealt with by the
League Director. We are trying to have fun and past experiences have made necessary nearly every
rule listed. New situations will necessitate updating rules and that on-going process involves
everyone in this league. If you feel something has been overlooked, please contact your Team
Captain or the League Director of what is wrong, and make suggestions of how it could be better.
**Any problem not addressed that occurs during a match and cannot by resolved by BOTH
captains, should be directed to the League Director.**
Revised 2013